¿Has escuchado sobre Jamsu, la técnica koreana de moda?

Tendencias extrañas

La técnica que recibe el nombre que en coreano de Jamsu significa ‘sumergir en agua”.

Este procedimiento consiste en introducir la cara recién maquillada en un recipiente con agua fría.

Este extraño acto denominado Jamsu promete hacer que tu maquillaje esté intacto durante más tiempo.

Otras de las propiedades que ofrece el Jamsu es y reduce la aparición de brillo durante el día.

El jamsu es una práctica recomendada para pieles grasas, pudiendo no ser adecuado en otro tipo de pieles.

Why, yes!! That is me dunking my face into a pasta print bowl of cold water ?? That's because I was testing out this weeks Trend Thursday: Jamsu Makeup ? • Jamsu is a Japanese beauty trend of Makeup Setting that involves dusting Translucent Powder all over your face and then submerging it into a bowl of water ?? I was beyond intrigued, and when I tried it out a few days ago, was absolutely AMAZED with the results ???? • Just as promised, Jamsu made my skin *perfectly matte *saved me from SULA (Sweaty Upper Lip Alert ? for those who don't watch teen movies *and helped my foundation last for more hours than it usually does It also felt great on my skin and (in my opinion) worked better than setting spray does ??? • What do you all think of this trend?? Would you dunk your face in cold water at the promise of lasting, matte foundation? Let me know in the comments below, and also tag your friends who you think would be crazy and makeup obsessed enough (like me) to try Jamsu ? • And if you'd like to know more about Jamsu Makeup, like the steps that I used to achieve it, please comment below with a "?" emoji or saying "More Jamsu" and according to the response, I might do a more in depth post about it all ??

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Su origen

Al parecer, está idea se originó en Japón y de ahí ha pasado a Corea del Sur, donde se ha convertido en toda una sensación.

La técnica es sencilla, aunque tiene sus trucos: en primer lugar, debes aplicarte la base y el corrector de manera normal y, después, cubrir tu cara con una capa gruesa de polvo suelto.

Una vez que hayas finalizado la primera parte debes sumergir la cara en agua fría durante un máximo de 30 segundos. Luego se seca con toquecitos y procede a maquillar los ojos y los labios.

This weeks Trend Thursday is Color Brows ?? • This trend has been around for a while but this week when @jennamarbles infamously shaved off her eyebrows in a YouTube video so that she could sport Color Eyebrows all week long, they've been pushed back into the trend spotlight ?? • An easy way to achieve this look is to cover your brows with white eyeliner, comb through them with a brow brush, apply any color of eyeshadow to your brows, and then comb through them again ??? • While they are pretty out there, I quite like this trend! I'm not sure if I'd ever wear it out in public, but I can't deny that I'm dying to try it out at home ??? • What do you think of this trend?? Do you love it or loathe it? Is it stunning or silly? Please comment below letting me know what you think ? and tag some friends who you think would like to see this ? • A special thanks to @safi_fifi for giving me this weeks Trend Thursday idea ??

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